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  1. I find the whole argument about damage math pointless unless the design goal is clearly defined in the first place. Before discussing further which dps formula is the best one, we should answer questions like : - Shall weapons/armour belongs in well-defined categories ? - What parameters describes weapons/armour ? - What parameters describes characters ? - Do we want weapons / weapon styles / armours to be equally effective in all situations ? - .... For instance, if the design goal is like : - Fast weapons should do more damage to naked folk - Slow weapons have more DR bypass - Heavy weapons should benefits more from might - Two-handed weapons crits should cut - Damage multipliers (Critical strikes / grazes / sneaks) sums up and affects the net damage output - Critical strikes / grazes / sneaks affects the net damage output We could use a formula like Total_Damage= (Weapon_Damage*Might_Multiplier - min(0,DR-DRbypass) )*(1+critical_multiplier+sneak_multiplier) Another design could be like : - DR is applied on the final damage - Might give a net damage increase before DR - Armours have a stat which reduce critical multiplier - Sneaks give a flat extra damage - Critical strikes / grazes / affects base weapon damage With the damage formula : Total_Damage= (Weapon_Damage*(1+critical_multiplier-armour_crit_reduction) + sneak_damage)*Might_Multiplier - DR Neither of these formulas is right or wrong. The question is : what gameplay do we want ?
  2. I'm playing on Hard... Elder bears (Ogre encounter )stomped my party with systematic crits @ 250, even on a buffed up (hatchet,food,BB priest buffs...) BB fighter. I managed to beat them with Slicken which perma knocked-down foes (making the fight ridiculously easy. no hard counter ?) Yet ... the damage output and graze / crit range do not feel right.
  3. Abusing a system in a solo gane is up to the player. If he do so and spoil the challenge, then the problem comes from the player in the first place. I noticed this trick in BG2 while fighting lichs in Athkatla :D So what ? Again, nobody points a gun against the head of the player to force him to abuse the system...
  4. I doesn't matter if it is abusable or unbalanced. PoE is not DotA or SC2, it's a solo game...
  5. imo, the engagement system is a good evolution from IE ridiculous combat motion. I believe it can be easely balanced to prevent the exploits you show in your videos. Razsius proposed robusts fixes in this post. Anyway, since PoE is a solo game, the balance is not as relevant as in competitive multiplayer RTS. @Sensuki : if you dislike the exploits of engagement attacks ... just don't do it ?
  6. I voted yes - I'm completely favorable to an engagement mechanism and it would work as I'd expect with the fixes you proposed :D Nice post, thx !
  7. I agree with much of mutonizer said, yet I think that the system is tweakable. I kie the idea of separating exhaustion from fighting and light wounds and scratch (represented by stamina) and more serious injuries (represented by health). However, the main issue right now is that rest is mostly driven by front liners, while the rest of the party is taking almost no damage. Chaning the stamina to health ratio as Sensuki proposed could make frontliners lasts longer, but do not really fix core flwas. Here are my suggestions : 1) STAMINA - The max stamina stays related to CON - CON gives in fight stamina regeneration. - Deflection score account for parrying / blocking / dodging an attack. If the target of the attack uses a shield, the deflection costs no stamina. If the target uses a melee weapon, it costs a small amount of stamina based on the attack dmg (for instance, 20% of the damage), If the target use a ranged weapon, it costs a higher amount of stamina. - If the attack is not deflected, damage is reduced accoring to armor DT. If the hit is critical, damage is done directly on health (no damage bonus). If the hit is not critical, damage is inflicted on stamina. - Add a stamina cost to some actions as runing, spellcasting ... - If stamina goes to 0, the regeneration stops and the character fall on ground as usual, losing 20% of health. 2) HEALTH - Turn back might into strenght. put the magic damage eleswhere. - The max health is now related to STR. more muscle mass, more damage taken. - xx% of health is also regained after an encounter. - Every time 20% of hp is lost dutring a fight, add a severe wound (-2 to a random stats). wounds can stack, and have a long duration (3 rests for instance = 24h) - If a character stacks 10 severe wounds, he dies. EXPLANATIONS : With this system, defenders should be able to hold the line much longer, thanks to deflection mecanics costing no stamina + stamina regeneration. Other melee fighters will be able to hold head more eeffectively. Since many spells and ability using cost stamina, they have to be used more wisely / strategically. Rest will be less necessary. Critical hits will not one-shot characters, but cause severes wounds => rest.
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