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  1. How troublesome of you to require plain English from me. S'pose it might've helped if I'd mentioned I'm writing the beast book, huh? :D Might as well be typing with my feet for all the progress I've made today. Hence, beastly and recalcitrant.
  2. Okay. This might sound basic, but have you spoken to the handmaidens about releasing your companions and then found and released Kreia, Atton, and Bao-Dur from the security cages? Have you found and released T3-M4? If you've fought the handmaidens, then you've been in the training chamber, and you can't get into Atris's meditation room. At least not right now. The "last handmaiden" shouldn't be essential to completing and getting out of there, but you should be able to find her katty corner from the training room, if I remember right. Hope that helps.
  3. After seeing Van Helsing, *ducks* I made a personal golden rule of screenwriting. If a climactic battle contains nothing but CGI characters, there's a serious storytelling problem, and it looks like Kong might have quite a lot of such moments. I agree that he's a very shiny CGI, however, and I like Peter Jackson enough that I'll probably give it a spin in spite of my reservations. I may even get a Gollum-level surprise. Or am I completely off-base and you perhaps meant Jack Black? "
  4. In my own personal version of events, I decided that even mild-mannered Bao-Dur probably couldn't bear being ordered around by GOTO and installed a kill switch during GOTO's upgrades. " I do rather like the idea of HK annihilating the "fat one," however. Anyone know if there was enough content done for it to be included in the restoration mod?
  5. I loathed pazaak in KotOR 1, but either my luck's improved or I've unintentionally developed a strategy. I enjoyed it much more this time 'round.
  6. Agreed. I'll be happy to play it when the restoration team has time to get it done. I admit that my facade of Zen-like patience may have something to do with my personal no-gaming-until-beast-novel-is-done edict, however.
  7. Hmmm. Love Jackson. Love most of the cast. Not sure I'm going to love this movie.
  8. I love dark-roasted coffees that aren't burned. I hate light roasts and will generally go without if it's my only option, unless I have a grant, publication or production deadline looming, in which case, I will suck it up and drink the caffeinated dirty sock water. Not really sure how this happened, since where I was born and raised, the directions for making coffee are pretty much: hold ages-old can of folger's near steaming water until it turns vaguely brown. Serve lukewarm with powdered cream-substitute. Bleh. I blame my dad, who's a transplant from proper-coffee climes. Black a
  9. With you. Started a male game in K1 and didn't finish. No fun without the Carth flirting... I only know that line because I have a Male Gamer Friend <tm> who shares all the amusing/tragic/whatever male-exclusive bits with me. I came thisclose to doing a spit take when he told me about the "pulling a Bindo" line, but then I got him back by demonstrating how Sleeps with Vibroblades seems to have an eensy crush on female PCs.
  10. Completely forgot this one. Exile: We call that "pulling a Bindo." :D
  11. I loved it that you didn't have to be a lawful Jedi bootlicker to be lightside in this game and could snark a bit, because dammit, nice people don't have to eat treacle for breakfast. Exile (to Atris): Have you been reading the history of the blind? Revan. Won. The. War. Sadly, not so with Kreia, but you take what you can get....
  12. He has that look even when he's sitting in the Jedi Council room discussing whether they should order pizza or Chinese. I know. 's why I'm constitutionally incapable of thinking His Imperial Badness could beat him. It's a flaw. :D
  13. 's why I asked the question. Whether or not Anakin was in the room at the time is important to the "Palpatine had it all under control" argument. Edit: Add this back since GhostofAnakin already quoted it. I said on the ropes because something about that ferocious, focused look on Jackson's face.
  14. So here's a question. When does Anakin actually enter the scene? (Or maybe in the case of the novelization: when does his approach enter Palpatine's awareness?) That seems key to me because actors don't waste their craft on empty houses. It's not the nature of the beast, even if the intended purpose of the acting is manipulation of another person. It's wasted effort, and foolish, and Palpatine certainly wasn't a fool. If Palpatine was acting weak for Anakin's benefit, there's no point in him doing it until his chosen pawn is in the room, and I seem to recall that His Imperial Badness
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