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  1. Call it a pay-to-play game, instead of free-to-play, and the complaints will go away. Also might as well as just buy the Steam version to get everything plus free legendary cards, instead of all this microtransaction nonsense.
  2. I would like to ask Obsidian: Who is the target audience for these price changes? ‚ÄčIf it is for brand new players, they will just download, complete perils of the lost coast, then uninstall the game and go play some other free game like Hearthstone or Clash Royale. And they will give negative reviews about how short this "free" game is. 3 free scenarios is not enough for new players to tell whether they like the game enough to buy it. If it is for fans of the game, they would have already bought all the rise of the runelords scenarios and 11 characters with all the gold they have ear
  3. Basically the correct version of mss32.dll is version and it is 364kb in size. Nobody told me that and I spent hours trying different mss32 versions before finally getting the right file. I ended up getting my copy of mss32 from Caesar4 as I didn't install KOTOR1.
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