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  1. Sorry to be unbelievably sarcastic, but wouldn't it just be easier to ENJOY THE FRIGGIN GAME! It's a game. It's Star Wars. Realism isn't a priority. Although you seem to think the actual films could have been done better as well, so really I'm not sure why you actually bother with Star Wars, but anyway..... If you really want decent explanations of the KOTOR plot, go on wikipedia. Regarding Kreia, I really think you've missed the point. The important thing to remember about her is that she loved Revan more than anyone. And if she thought Revan's plan was to save the Republic by going to war then going away (cf wikipedia articles) then Sion and Nihilus (not the true Sith, according to her, just vandals, like Malak), then she would have them killed. She was never afraid of them as such.
  2. Mandalorian badboys who are already in your party? Cmon, Disciple and Atton after you is bad enough.
  3. I got my silver crystal off Sion! Lol, just in time for the last fight. Even if I did have to run back through trayus. Regarding cyan crystals, there is always one for sale from Samhan Dobo in Telos 081. Just don't get him arrested first.
  4. I've played through the game once. And when answering my questions, please bear in mind - - I played through on darkside - I haven't played KOTOR 1 so please fill me in if relevant Ok, I think due to a bug or something (I haven't patched the game yet) I missed most of the cutscenes except for the Traya and Sion battle preambles. My main questions are: - Why the HELL does Exile go back to Malachor V? All of a sudden I was leaving the Ravager. No cutscene, nothing. Then freaky planet with the scary music. - Who goes with him? I saw nothing of the final characters. The cutscenes of Bao-Dur and Remote, and Remote and G0-T0, went past in about a second due to a bug.....what is the deal with the shadow mass generator and restarting it? And I'm hearing things about duels between characters (Mira/Hanharr). I didnt even ever have Mira as a party member, I killed her! What happens to all of your team? Other general questions: - I'm also hearing rumours of some cool sounding items belonging to Revan and Malak (armour, lightsabers)......are they true? What unique items are there in the game? - And why do you appear alongside Revan in the secret tomb on Korriban? Thanking you, go KOTOR 3! Kaleb, Sith Lord
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