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  1. oh yeah... i would love to smash his face with a metal bat... or even better run him over with one those truck flat the street when is melt it.. carth is my number 1 enemy i wanted to kill in kotor 1.
  2. damn, i meant no harm out of it just a joke some people are moody around here so thought a "lame joke" get them at least say "heh" no i'm not kid... i'm 22 with kid and wife..
  3. i was snooping through newsgroup and i was like hey isn't the patch i'm waiting for and i start downloading it BOOM it was i guess got leaked... APRIL FOOL! AHAHAHAHAHAHA OH MAN IM GOING TO HATED FOR THIS come on was a joke
  4. Hey... Today I got my Computer Game Magazine and I was flipping through the page when I ran into this late review of ROTOR 2 and this dude give it 3 star and half, and mention everything was wrong with the game and even the swoop bike bug hehe. I guess he/she played the game to the end. First magazine I counter give this game REAL review of the game... A quote from the magazine "Unfortunately, however, games tied to movie licenses come out when they're due, not when they're done." - KELLY WAND I lost my trust with almost with all magazine because the good review they give to KOTOR 2 and no I
  5. jzimmy vs unhappy customer... my $20 bet is on the customer are going to win this fight... let me get my popcorn ready...
  6. man you must share the sh!t you smoking because my patience when down toilet long ago...
  7. If i would have live near the company i would have made huge poster saying "RELEASE THE DAMN PATCH ALREADY!!!! "
  8. Ok, what the deal with this "Revan" I thought you don
  9. Hey everyone... I'm a kotor 2 owner and I think the game is good but the bugs are driving me insane. I been reading in this forum there were cut stuff in the game, and kind of pissed me off but I was like maybe they will put it back but I don
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