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  1. The other way around? I don't understand. I tried to install this patch, and it didn't fix the problem. How do we fix this?
  2. Another "soon" regarding the patch. AKA add another month to the wait Soon is supposed to mean SOON FYI. Not soon, as in posting soon on a web site so that 1 (Hi kirottu) out of 200 posters here actually believe it. Soon to me is 1-2 weeks tops. Let's see how long this soon turns out to be... And BTW kirottu, this isn't about releasing a patch anymore. It's about the length of time it took for their "soon" to materialize. So please don't post any "I told you so" messages when the patch is finally released 2 months from now. They dropped the ball with this game/patch.
  3. Link? URL? You seem to be the only poster around here giving Obsidian/Lucas Arts the benefit of the doubt.
  4. So there's approximately 500+ users complaining about the game being buggy, and the patch taking too long. Then there's one Obsidian fanboy called kirottu claiming that the patch announced one month ago will be released soon. Who should I believe?
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