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  1. It makes me sad when people can't even imagine how multiplayer would work in a game like this when they used to be pioneers of what multiplayer play was. You need only look to games like Neverwinter Nights to see how singleplayer RPGs like these can shine when you add in player control via toolsets, self run servers with in game DMs and admins. You can essentially create an entire custom world with your own rulesets (such as enforced roleplay, death rules even perma death from pvp if you so choose). I wish more people still remembered the roleplay servers (the top quality ones of which some are still running) of Neverwinter Nights Persistent World story servers. That is still what I am hoping to see out of the resurgence of these kind of top down party RPGs.
  2. All I have ever wanted from games like this is a true successor to Neverwinter Nights. Not for some hokey online experience through the Single Player campaign but for a true shared, roleplay persistent world. To this day I still play a Persistent World Story server from NWN. I and many of us who still play in these last vestiges of true RP communities would kill for a truly moddable NWN successor that gets back to a persistent world you can mold to your liking as DMs and Admins. Not all Multiplayer has to be garbage ME3/DA:I distractions that "water down" the single player. Such thinking is very narrow and closed minded and frankly shows a lack of experience of the amazing stories you can have in the PW story servers
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