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  1. Yeah, the tax/hireling system is broken. And the stronghold is so lifeless. I thought there would be workers doing repairs, people coming to your court, somebody living inside. Instead you have several shopkeepers that are more like vending machines, guards who are like patrol robots and a statue that never says anything new. Oh and the achievement for rebuilding it is broken too. I dunno, it does not seem that spending all that money gives you any in-game advantage, and it does not feel like you own an actual castle since nobody lives there. To me it is the weakest part of the game. Most of e
  2. I have fully upgraded fortress, several hirelings, 30 prestige and 37 security. And yet I still regularly lose 600 cp to bandits and get 200 cp as taxes. Which is what I got when the fortress was in ruins anyway. Bandits/hirelings cost me more than the fortress generates. It does not help that the time taxes are generated is random too (sometimes a turn passes when you complete a quest sometimes it doesn't) but hirelings are paid daily. So simply traveling around drains money. Is it just me or the whole system is broken? It's kind of disheartening after spending thousands of gold on it to get
  3. Will the load times be fixed in this? I don't see it mentioned in the patch notes. Atm it's very annoying that walking into any room takes half a minute.
  4. I have the same problem. Fog of war is too dark and hard too see terrain through. No idea why the fog is even present on the map screen.
  5. I am looking for it too. Character sheet seems very bare bones and misses a lot of things. Attack speed/action speed, regen, poison tick speed. You can get a lot of modifiers from active effects/stats/equip, but there is no way see actual value for anything past base attack/defence.
  6. Is there any way to decrease fog of war intesity? Or hide it when looking at the Map? It looks somewhat okay during the day, but at night or in dungeons the map is more or less a black blot and it's very hard to see anything. I get that the game must indicate vision radius, but must it cover everything else in pitch blackness? It just does not look good. And I could not find any brightness setting too.
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