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  1. Which one is the Adra Dragon? I finished my firt playthrough but i don't remember him...
  2. Usually I would choose a name of a book character that I'm currently into but with PoE I'm thinking of something different. My character is definetly going to be an ex-slave so I want him to have no name at all and instead have a nickname. Something along the lines of "Maggot" or "Rat" :3
  3. IF the dragon excrements are actually a primitive form of base for gunpowder that would be a ... BLAST!
  4. It would be great if the game offered something that's just a little *more*. I don't mean that the level 12 cap is too low, not at all. What i would like to see however is something along the lines "if you squeeze out everything from the game, all the side quests, all bestiary entries, etc. you can reach that one level higher"
  5. You should definitely focus on the PoE unique races for portraits. As for me I would love to see another male death godlike portriat. I was looking forward to playing that race but I just can't look at the current portrait.
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