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  1. Doing Shifter on my second play through (did Bleakwalker/ghost heart ranger vs playthrough) This time with Shifter i've paired it with Trickster....which is working pretty good in my opinion, trickster gives me some really good defensive spells that I can use with Shifter to stay up a very long time.
  2. I did a BleakWalker/Ghost Heart setup when I did my play through. Dual Wielding 1 Handed Spears, would run up on enemies, summon my pet behind them (which gave them flanked) and activated the Flank damage passive on my Spear as well. He was a decent dot and would wreck a lot of the monsters fairly easily.
  3. During her Quest where you decide to hand over the Souls to Animancers or taking them to the Glowing Adra if you choose the Glowing Adra it'll give you that Enchant. If you choose the other it'll give you the other enchant.
  4. I'm doing a Bleakwalker Paladin/Ghost Heart Ranger I'm not sure why you think the Ghost Heart Ranger is bad? You get a pet that has an insanely fast cast time that you can cast directly behind an enemy once you engaged with him and make him instantly flanked. He then runs around the battlefield assisting and attacking mobs.. and if he dies who cares.. you can instantly summon him again.
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