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  1. I am a bit confused by your question. If you meant talents then from the original post: Talents obtained at level-up: Weapon and Shield Style Weapon Focus Noble Bear’s Fortitude Body Control Superior Deflection Two-Handed Style Secrets of the Rime Beast Slayer / Sanctifier – Choose either although I think Beast Slayer is much more useful Personally, I would change some stuff around, but overall looks pretty decent. Note that this was posted as a solo build (no companions) which does affect the choices made (and is much harder overall). Note also that you can change these choices (for a gold fee) except for race, so you can chose what you like and experiment. Or you can run an early build then separate builds tailored to each hard fight.
  2. For sure, and you already helped him with that, I just wanted to give him a powergaming alternative.
  3. Personally I think a paladin is much better built with 1 hander and shield, maximizing defenses and dumping dex (can also dump int early on if planning on any respeccing), especially with a cipher for mindweb. Paired with a chanter trashmobs will melt from level 9 on, and even more so with sacred immolation, so you won't even notice the loss of dps from not having a twohander. But on the other side that party should easily be able to steamroll everything anyways, so if you want to use a twohander feel free. But if you really want to have fun with Tall grass use a barbarian.
  4. Dr <), not to derail too much but would you mind sharing more of your monk experiences? For example, build, armor, special preparations for tougher encounters etc.?
  5. Haven't really played the game since the early period after initial release, but I would like to start anew with the new expansions. I would like to try some soloing, but I am unsure what advice can still be used and what is outdated. How do you feel the classes rank? What classes would be easiest/most straight forward? I don't really enjoy kiting or hit and run tactics that much, so who can fight more toe to toe? I understand you can respec now so not everything needs to be planned from the start. What stats can be good starting out though? Do you have to max out the defensive stats or is it better with a more balanced approach?
  6. Interesting. Did you solo up until then as well? Apart from that trick is dps ever a problem, seems a bit risky to rely on being hit a lot? How are your stats?
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