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  1. what up? bandua? i noticed you reading the k3 ideas page. you should leave some comments. i waould like to hear what you got to say. =)

  2. Ok, I managed to get the game installed from a external DVD-RW I borrowed from my work. Still, I think this issue should be addressed by Atari...
  3. I'm facing exactly the same issue. Has anybody found a workaround? Thanks in advance for any help
  4. You must have frame buffer effects on (advance video options), if your video card supports that feature, that's it.
  5. Would it be possible a RSS Feed from your website? It would be quite useful to see when a new build is up or if there's a new WIP feature...
  6. Looks like KotORIII is getting cancelled before even getting announced: Link
  7. And now you can also use this great mod: Remote Tells Your Influence
  8. You should post this in the tech forum instead. Anyway, take a look at this thread...
  9. Kreia is, by far, the best character in both Kotor and KotorII. Well, in fact, she is the only good character to be seen in both games...
  10. Where the heck did you take that from? Spanish is in no way related to Arabic. It's essentially modern latin, so to speak. Just like Italian, French, Portuguese, Galician, Catalonian and so on.
  11. As long as you don't touch sensitive entries as booleans or quest, there should be no problems with the savegame. Nonetheless remember to backup your savegame before editing it, just in case...
  12. Have you tried it yet? If not, do so. You'll find it's quite simple (even obvious, for that matter!): just browse your savegame and change wathever you wanted to change in the first place. KSE allows you to edit pretty much everything. You can always go to the kse discussion thread at Lucasforums (here) shall you require help. Of course, I'll help you however I can, as well... Thanks for the tip , I'll give it a try, though presently I use to play on my new desktop... no words to describe the difference,graphics wise!
  13. I had to use the 1.0b patch to have the game working on my laptop with a 82852/82855 intel chipset. I've played through the game countless times, and so far I haven't run into any major bug. Just some minor glitches. Expect the performance, however to be quite lame. Regarding mods, don't worry about "safety", all of them are pretty safe... (you may have a problem with one or another, but then just get it out of the Override folder, you should be back to normal). USM is a must, and take a look at this page: 2005 Top Mods Pick
  14. You should post your system specs... in the meanwhile you can try lowering the graphic options (disabling grass, and so on) and see if it helps. Anyway, Kotor2 likes crashing to desktop from time to time...
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