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  1. Update: It doesnt matter if you plug out the internet cable and load a game with a different day. Its still the same.
  2. I think you mist the part where you got the 10.000 Gold from Doemenel. You put the item of the Doemenel in the chest at 1:16:37, but you never got the 10.000 Gold? The scene in 1:31:43 is not possible anymore in version 2.0 with stealth 11. I dont know how to get more stealth. I got the boots cat wispers, because the stealth both were not possible to get. But they should be the same.
  3. Will the game recognize if i cheat with add item? I will not wait till IE Mod comes out and works with 2.0 Do i realy have to wait till september or can i chance the date of my computer in any way? Maybe plug out the internet and chance the date of my computer.
  4. This Speedrun is almost perfect. But, the Items you use in the special List from http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/80015-all-poe-random-item-day-checklist/page-2 would be nice, if you make a short brake on showing us their abilitys. Escpezialy if you have random itims like the boots of stealth. I didnt found them and now this game is a litle bit harder for me. I dont want to restart, because i played it allready 6 hours ( i know, you needed only 2 hours, but i look at the video and thats alone 2h of playing )
  5. 1) Where do i get this mod? Link please. Thx. 2) Is it possible to have only the random item mod? 3) The List is perfect, But i dont know all the locations. Is there a List with Map Names on it? Or are these the Map names and i am to stupid, because i play it in german
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