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  1. Thx, you are right. I thought it would be the same bonus, because the copperland didnt seemed to give me any help in stealth. Is there any list where you can see what attributs you need for the quests? Without INT i would heave never came thru readrics hold.
  2. I have the speed +1 and stealth +2 from the boots. I dont think that resting will give me more the +2 YEEEEAAAAAHHHHH You need stealth 13!!! 9+2 by boots and +2 by Hedge Maze = 13 !!!
  3. Raedric Keep main floor desk day 6 glove of manipulation Raedric Keep ceiling day 6 boots of stealth Raedric Keep main floor bed day 6 glove of manipulation day 7 belt of bountiful healing day 8 ??? day 9 ring of searing flames
  4. valewood Patch 2.01 hidden stash guarded by wolves day in a month 1 ??? 2 torc of falcon eyes+2 3 spellward amulet 4 rotward amulet
  5. Well i have 0 knock outs in my entire game on normal and then you get one-hit-wiped-out? Thats not working as intended. This two statues of thaos also do one hits! Did you play against thaos with 2.0?
  6. the Adra dragon or Thaos. I play on NORMAL an my Rogue lvl 12 gets killed each time with ONE attack! Realy, thats frusttrating. All fights before are just like a sleep in the day. But this 2 are unstoppable. How can i protect my self? This one hit 500 HP kills are just lame. Even Eder with 100 deflection and 1250 HP dies against Adra with 1 hit! Realy? Its NORMAL!!!
  7. Well i did the run till But all the chests of the random items i missed all spezials. For example the fire ring and the stealth boots. At 1:13:43 there is now way thru with stealth 11. So you must level up. There is no stealth item +3 or other ways for +3? I will do my next run on sunday and hope i will come thru with another char. But first i thin of the 18-18-3-18-3-18-18 skill system.
  8. I'm playing on hard and they're ****ing dumb. I hate them, and it's making me reconsider ever buying a PoE related product again Well, my party is lvl 12 and still my Eder dies after 2s when he is in the first row. My hole party is dead after 15s and all other fights were simple. I dont have any idea to kill him. The other 2 dragons were no problem.
  9. Right now there is a green symbol for the important news. but i think there is enough place for 2 icons.
  10. Oh damm, i was so tired at that time, sorry for my very bad english. A filter would be the best i think. Maybe a filter like: - Dont show solved quests - Dont show quests of chapter 1 ( 2 or 3)
  11. One Icon with 21 in stack would be better. Just like the right side.
  12. It would be nice, if in the main screen on the castle would be a construction icion. Expample: You could see the time in hours how long it will take till the building is ready.
  13. oh sorry, but i dont understand this 2 letter words. What is SW and DB?
  14. How can i find that location on the world map? Sagani is in my team and i asked her all i can. But my Perception is only 3 and so i didnt see the cliffs. How can i find pearlwood bluff?
  15. Forget it, you will never past this with stealth in 2,0 I tried both sides and i didnt made it. I would like to see if you made it.
  16. Pls make a sorting in the quests. What chapter did the quest startet in. Quest sorted by name. Right now its only last updated quest at the beginning. Well, thats otion nu,ber 3
  17. Please Obsidian stack that sold stuff. I dont want to see 100 standard shields. Even BG stack the stuff in the stores. When i use a filter, pls dont show us the rest. If i use the filter armor, i only want to see armor and nothing else. Thx
  18. Sorry for so many qustions, but i tried to replay your start and i dont get it. How do you got those items? With the help of this list http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/80015-all-poe-random-item-day-checklist/ and your youtube video i tried to make some screenshots. But the days of getting these items are not the same as the video shows us. 1) Why didnt you show us the real way to get these items? 2) Why dont you say anything in this video? Some help would be fine.
  19. How can i use that? Is the only chance of changing the time by taking a rest? Or can i switch the time else? Is time changing a cheat that deactivates the achivements? I want to use some special items from the list, but how can i get them with the corect time/day.
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