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  1. Are you trolling? How does the choices in your single playthrough feel like they matter when they force you back to the one and only path. Your reasoning seems severely flawed to me.
  2. Hi! 1. Will the powers/metaphysics of the god's be expanded upon in Deadfire? a. What prevents gods from creating gods? b. Are gods super-intelligent? c. Are gods sentient? d. Are gods equally powerful? And if not what determines this? e. Do the number of souls used affect the power of a god? f. What do the gods believe? I. Do they believe they are gods? II. Do they themselves believe in gods? 2. Does Eora have a creation myth/s? Even polytheistic regions of earth all have creation myths and they are often central to the religion, but I haven't seen any for Eora. 3. Was the specific use of a feminine pronoun for Berath intended or a typo? Finally not a question but a suggestion: add an arena mode for the beta so that testers can test the entire level range. This is especially relevant considering the substantial changes to combat and the increased level range (18-20?). It doesn't have to be something that is included in the game, some sort of hordemode on a plain field would give a lot of valuable feedback. Although I think a lot of people are fond of arenas to test their prowess. Best regards
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