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  1. Auch ich möchte mich herzlich bei euch bedanken, die ihr so viel Arbeit und Zeit investiert, damit die deutsche Übersetzung endlich einmal "annehmbar" wird. Ich hoffe auch, dass ihr von offizieller Seite mal Unterstützung findet und man eure Arbeit angemessen würdigt.
  2. First of all... it's extremily difficult to write this in English but I hope that people can understand it at least, sorry. The greater problem here is the following: Most backers of kickstarter projects aren't the casual gamers and want games like they were years before. Thats the most important thing ... we want games "not casual", for the broad mass of players. Thats why you support something because you want games made for you the way it was before a decent time. Maybe and only maybe Obsidian can attract other people to their product but they might mostly not true fans of the genre and the main reason they are buying the game is to consume some content and then jump to the next project. The main market of the whole world is already making games for casual gamers... so why should the backer want that the game should also fit the casual gamer? The backers already supported one game... if the game turns out good they will support the next game too. True fans will always support their kind of games but if you turn away from your fans you might loose them at any point. And because of that every developer should first think about their own fan community and then about the others. Sure it is a good thing that casual gamer are going to spent money on this game but no company should rely on them to be honest. They are a risky factor. Also I have to agree with some other people here that it's a difference between "press" and random youtubers or twitchstreamer. The official press is a real company who could get into real problems if they would mess things up. Most youtubers or twitchuser aren't behind a company and you could "try" to confront them by the law but it would be rather difficult if they would mess things up. "Messing things up": spreading lies, breaking NDA or other agreements beteween Obsidian and them f.e. streaming content from act 2. In my oppinion the best method of advertising a product is still the good old people to people ad. If I am playing a good game I will telling others about the game and they might look into it... and the best thing about this is... it's completly free... no costs at all. Doing tv spots or handing out copies of the game to several people will cost the company a decent amount of money. Also I have to admit that there are backers in this forum who would be more competent doing reviews of the game then every here and then let's player out there because they know the lore and the gameplay far better. Also they could answer questions from the viewers more easily then the others. At least there have been one or two from the community who were able to do this... but it could be more especially in other languages. The other topic is... should the official press get early copies of the game to test it and present it the whole world? I agree to some point. First of all it should be a special review version and the people, especially the youtubers and twitch-people shouldn't get full versions of the game because they wouldn't have the possibility to stream further than the act 1. The official press instead could get a full version for their tests... because if they would hurt that agreement Obsidian could get thousands of $ because of violation of their agreement. To the question "Should backer get the version earlier then any others?" ---> yes of course... Obsidian knows their backers for years and it would be pretty easy to satisfy them by sending them their copies out early enough so that every backer is able to play the game on release date... and yes I said "on release date" as any others too. But from my point of view Obsidian messed some things up by acting to late so people with real slow internet connections won't be able to play on release date and thats pretty sad, especially for kickstarter backers. Do I like day1-patches? Hell no... and I'd like to see that companies would finally make good games without them again. I wouldn't be sad if Pillars of Eternity would be delayed one month further... but I really don't like that day 1 patch ideology. At least it seems that our dvds will come with the patches (at least I hope so pretty much).
  3. I can totally agree to you. Obsidian had the time to sent out the keys to the backers and they delayed it for the very first supporter of the game. I really can't trust my eyes to see something like this... it's just disappointing and maybe it's just a sign that people should think about the past when this product has been on kickstarter. Without the backers noone could even play this game... and now... well... everyone will be faster in the game than the backers because for some reason they have been marked as customers second or even third class. I hope that Obsidian has got something to make it up to the backers again... otherwise it would be even more disappointing PS. sorry for mistakes in the English language, it's not my native language
  4. Thank you for the information. I am glad to hear that we are able to preload
  5. FFS, game will be released in two days. They still have time. One day or another won't make a difference if you can't play game before 26th anyway. Some of you act like children (Mommy! I want that new toy NOW!!!) or women with PMS. You backed this game because you wanted it to make real, or because you wanted to brag that you get the steam-key before anyone? Then that person must be very silly in considering/ordering DIGITAL copy. At KS campaign there weren't any information that backers will get keys before release anyway. So it's not that Obsidian cheated anyone. They might have ordered the physical edition like i did too, but since that will take weeks for us in europe to get here and even more weeks after for the DVDs they have no choice if they want to play this week. You are aware that all the physical stuff has already been shipped, yes? It's all in transit, and scheduled to be delivered on the 26th. If it isn't, that'll be due to local postal services. They said that is not the case for european customers though. They will get their stuff weeks later for a hefty 30 $ shipping cost even. I am glad that we have bought the digital collectors edition, because we live in germany too. And it would have been really nice if every backer would have been able to download the release version on the date when obsidian got the gold version of the game. So everyone even those with a bad internet connection would have more than enough time to download the game and be ready for the release date. But at least we can still hope to be able to start downloading today or tomorrow... otherwise many people with bad internet connections will be sad about that dev decision, especially because some youtubers got already the possibilites to download the game early.
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