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  1. This was a better game than Skyrim and FO3/4 but not by very much. Honestly I'm a bit disappointed in Obsidian, but not surprised, this is what happens when you are beholden to some giant corporations to make your product a reality. Just look at the splash screens for a hint at some of the committee that had to be satisfied with every part of this game before they'd risk their release.
  2. It's true of everything in life: The more money behind it, the fewer risks are taken with it. The bottom line of 4 companies is effected by this game release, so it's been made as safe as possible to ensure maximum cash return.
  3. Seriously, from the dawn of farking time we've had heavy objects at our keyboards to drop on the W key and save our hands from bonus carpal damage. Get it together already Obsidian, there's a thread in every game going back to .edu 90's message boards begging for autorun features.
  4. May be a bug or a feature, because skill hacking specifically has a 40% skill to buy restricted items from vendors. Nothing in game mentions whether local rep gives you vendor access benefits. I bought from vendors everywhere at around 4th level and awful spacer rep.
  5. I started my PC win10 version of the Epic-Storefront-activated copy of the Outer Worlds and got a "Cloud Sync Error" message followed by a prompt of a choice of loading an either/or local or cloud save. I didn't know what to press but I must have chosen "cloud", because now all my saves locally (user>saves>outerworlds>numbersalad).were overwritten at the same timestamp with saves from a previous play session, about 6 game hours and half an explored station later (I lost the last 25% of Emerald Vale and the first 25% or so of the ship-station storyline. I have combed through my C drive but the only manual saves I could find all now have a date-stamp of the identical time this evening when I picked the wrong save selection. Is there any retrieving this data or is it just gone? Also, WHAT KIND OF A STUPID **&^%ING error prompt let's you DO THAT! Ok. I'm cool now, rant off, but I have a kid so stringing together a couple late-night sessions is hard for me, won't get back to the same storyline point until next weekend, which just....sucks.
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