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  1. Been playing since the patch with my melee cipher, and while at first I was concerned, the changes have been pretty damn good. For reference, I'm using Tall Grass with the weapon focus talent, soul whip damage talents, and two-handed weapon focus.


    On PotD, I've been able to deal decent damage, quite easily, to gain enough focus to cast several high level powers in combat (only access to level 5 powers, still costly but doable). The increase to mental binding means I can lock down a more dangerous foe for longer, and even make the largest brute on the field my focus battery.


    In one fight, against 2 Ogre's and 1 Ogre druid, I locked down the druid while my other melee kept the ogre's engaged. I was able to cast mental binding (20), silent scream (40), borrowed instinct (50), and detonate (50), all in the same fight. I probably could've done more, but I didn't have to at that point. Focus gain isn't an issue, though I am annoyed that all the Blacsonn I bought is now useless for her...


    About to enter the fight with the Ogre chief, Zolla, so I'll have to see how my powers stack up against her, but still, no real complaints here.


    Edit: Zolla was a breeze. Melee tanks kept what Ogres got through at bay, while Aloth kept up oil slicks. I managed to raise upwards of 110 Focus quite quickly in the initial start of combat and dropped a borrowed instinct (50), 3 mental bindings (60), a silent scream (40), and 3 detonates (150) . Total of 300 focus used, with some to spare. Focus gain is fine, and the CC is crazy powerful now. Zolla never got a single spell off in that time.

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