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  1. to get the line to piss her off u must have awareness 11, so use some skill boosting equipment. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Damn that make sense, still, weird. Even without that line I should have enough influence to turn her by now. (w00t)
  2. No, the second game and third game is identical. Pure lightside (achieve master light status). And Mira also pure light side also, just like the second game. Nothing is different between second and third game. As said I know how to turn her and that force hearing on Narshaddar. But the problem is I still fail the influence check for her to allow me to show her the force, when I think I even have more influence over her this time (as state above). the only weird thing is I don't have the dialogue option to piss her off (then come back to appolozy). I did it in second play but I don't se
  3. Alright, so this is the 3rd time I play through the game. But something is not right with Mira. On the second play, I manage to turn Mira into a Jedi first hand. Through a series of dialogue. I don't even have to leave the ship and she didn't spend a single time in the party with me. I got enough Influence to turn her in one dialogue. Now this time I can not do it any more. I even try to use the Dxun and Os...something planets (2 time you encounter some bounty hunters) and I did score both time (+ influence). Beside, I did the dialogue three and I think I got about 4+ influence (
  4. Yes, as I said. BG is not about fighting for a cause, but your own survival. You lived the life of continuously being chased, whenever you go, city burned and people die and river of blood. The ending in TOB or even SOA is just simply put an end to a threat of your life, and that's not happy, especially with the cost of what happenned.
  5. Then either you forget and break them down at the workbench, or sold them, or you just skip through a whole bunch of quest, several quest reward you with Lightsaber, sometime loot the body of dark jedi (random). Yeah, while I think there is less lightsaber in this game, but I still end up with around 10 light sabers
  6. I think most part is buyable or quest related, which mean for it to warrant you will find the part without depend on your luck with the random treasure. example it's Vrook who gave the emmitter len.
  7. yeah, you can train him, I think the reason why he can not wear robe is because his arm. I just focus on Force power that has no armor restriction or power that is in constant effect. Uhm...about Mandalore, you can not train him, can you?
  8. Ok, answer 1 question by 1 question: - Yes, I did play BG, it's the first RPG I played when I first play on PC and I still play it now once in a while. - Sorry, but in BG, it's not the sense that you win. In BG it's either revenge, or a fight for your own sake, you don't do that for other. Yeah sure, I end up having a kid with Aerie so sure that make me happy, is it how to define a happy ending? No, it's an ending of peace, after so much strugle you decide to stand down, or you become a god, and that's happy? No, I think the only people who think Power bring happy is the people who
  9. Well, Davik is not a plot hole. It doesn't make sense indeed, but this kind of thing in KOTORII is also abundant, irrelavant. You only see in the cutsceence a single Sith ship (Malak's ship), but the fact is there is a whole fleet, the admiral told Malak that he will need several "hours" to posistion the "fleet". So I bet Taris is surrounded by what should be hundred Sith warships, without the code that mean one can not take of on any side of the planet. The jedi admit that they're in desperate, and that make sense. Remember the original purpose is to use Revan and find the source o
  10. Yes, but neither they're a wooohoooo you win ending. The fact is in BG even the ending is fanstactic, it's surely doesn't about "you just win". but more like you just save your self. "There are no real plot holes, like in KotOR I." Care to explain? I played through the game 5 times and I can not see it. If you mean Carth's story about Telos is a plot hole, then I respectfully disagree.
  11. We never ask for a ceremony or that soft, and it's not the only way to wrap up a story. So your point is? And may I ask how many Bioware games you played? Most deffinitely not BG series and NWN series (which is their 2 biggest serries). Because if you did play those 2 series than that "crappy, predictable, happy-go-lucky WOO HOO YOU WIN ending" line won't find its place. So next time, try to be not sarcastic, and don't be so sure "that's exactly what we'll get" if you don't have proof. "There are no real plot holes, like in KotOR I." Care to explain? I played throu
  12. the post above is not direct at your post Atirs, but at Tanuvein's. This game has great potential, When I left Telos academy, I was sure that this is better then KotorI so far, but yes you're right, it appears that the further it goes, the worse the story broken up. Also there is no suprise in this game I must say, Kreia's betrayal can be seen, or guested, it's not like the Revan reveal in KotorI. Atris is even more obvious. This game may have great plot if it doesn't give away too many hints! :ph34r: The follower's developement is not balance and some rushed. And the ending is to
  13. I'm sure won't nag about spelling, provided I'm also bad at it :"> but it's good to point out where they're wrong so they can fix it. And the "rushed" thing can not be excused for dialogue! (yes we know this game is rushed, but it appears people use this as an excuse for every problem, no matter it's applicable or not). The dialogue remain the same, and the Xbox version is already out for months before, the change between PC and Xbox is about the coding program and optimize some feature, so ? Well, there is people who like Ob and those who is not, but don't be overprotective. As
  14. The ending of KOTORII is not exactly bad, it's just begging for KOTORIII (and in my dictionary, it's bad). I mean you can always wrap up an espisode to give the players a sastisfy ending while can still leave a few open for sequence, totally left the thing open is....bad. I prefer KOTORI story, and I don't know where the post before me said, KOTORI has "much" less story flaw then KOTORII, and it has much less bugs! Still, it's not bad, better then the average RPG on the market, and sure worth my 50$, I will play it the third time when it has a patch And I'm a big fan of Biow
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