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  1. The problem is not Obsidian but Lucas Arts. 12 months for a project of such scope is ridicule. I'm already surprised that they did manage to make a good 30hrs long game. Kudos to Obsidian for the effort. Chances are that we'll be seeing a new Kotor in a year. If it will be developed by Obsidian or not, I don't know. But if it will be based again on a forced 12 month development cycle, then I'm not going to buy it unless it's the second coming of Jesus. And no, I'll not listen to the opinion of the many gaming sites those bandwidth is payed by the same people that pass them the games to review. It's against our interest as players. The only people that benefit from this situation are the publishers, not us neither the developers, much less the whole gaming industry whichis in the hands of greedy corporate leeches.
  2. Hate is only an emotion. The truth is that if you let strong emotions (either good or bad) rule your heart you'll loose the grip on balance placing your own will above anything else and obviously becoming selfish. That's why Jedi are taught to avoid not only bad feelings like hate or greed but also love. But is this good ? Those who are taught to avoid emotions rather than confront them may become unpredictable once they're put under pressure because emotions rule the life of sentient beings and sooner or later they will surface nevertheless. That's the greates flawl of the Jedi doctrine. Jedi teachings limit the individual freedom; dark side -on the contrary- encourages a life with little rules or bonds. This may be indeed a sort subtle, inconscious revenge against the Jedi doctrine which is perceived (and, indeed, it may be) flawled, not to mention that a high confidence in the power of the Force sometimes may reinforce the wrong belief of being above the others. Dark Siders become arrogant, egocentric and the unsatisfaction repressed in years of jedi training may indeed culminate in act of violence (not necessarily physical) to give vent to inner frustrations: that's why Dark Siders seems to hate evertything they couldn't achieve: serenty, love or maybe even a normal life. In the end, the Dark Side IS selfishness, coming in many subtle ways, for different reasons. Lucas envisioned the Jedi as a sort of monastic order, following a strict rule of conduct and possessing a deep and incredible knolwedge. The struggle between the light and the dark side is not necessary the struggle between Good and Evil, but between order and chaos. Who said Jedi are good? They might persue the greater good of the galaxy but sometimes they display a form of righteous arrogance and their strict discipline limits their vision of reality luring them into making terrible mistakes. On the other side there is chaos and at its root there is selfishness: the Force is a powerful tool that lure its users into believing to be above the rest of the sentient beings, beyond good and evil. But, in the end, they fail to reach a greater state of enlightment (There' is an interesting analogy with "ubermesch" envisioned by Nietzsche) and they only succeed in playing their own downfall.
  3. This is good to know. I think I should start looking around
  4. We italians had english voices but badly translated subtitles and menu. If I could only restore the original english subtitles...
  5. What is said in that article is true. Does LucasArts care? Probably not. The game sold very well and most reviews around the net don't mention these setbacks. I bought Kotor 2 without exitations because it was the sequel of Kotor and because I consider Obsidian a company made by talented individuals with a lot of background in the gaming industry. Sadly, all the skills in the world are not enough when you're crushed between budget considerations and timelines dictated by the publisher. And when someone like LucasArts comes with an important job offer, it's either take it or leave. In the end, it's just us -a minority of geeks- complaining. And the industry usually does not pay attention to the ramblings of geeks when the louder sound of money coming from uneducated masses captures all its attention.
  6. Why modders shouldn't be able to add content ? Most of the cutscenes in the game use standard animations. (walking, drawing a wapon or some other idle/filler animations). They could be reused as well. If there are all those voice files inside the folders, chances are that there are even scripts, maybe additional models and textures
  7. The only "real" sith out there is Kreia. Even Malak was quite pathetic because it was not very different from the other sadistic mercyless thugs of his army with the only goal of spreading destruction. The true essence of the dark side is selfishness (as many times it has been pointed in the EU books). She manipulates everyone for her goals, her cinic distrust of any action towards good and eveil is a measure of her interest only in what may breed a profit or an advantage. She loves also to destroy any confidence the player gains raising questions (sometime legitimate, sometime paranoic) because people with strong motivations (good or not) are less prone to being manipulated. Of the many EU characters encountered in games she's the one that come closer to emperor Palpatine and by far superior to the usual Sith sterotype seen in many games.
  8. Hi, I've recently purchased the italian version of the game. Unfortunately (as most localized software seen around here) the translation of dialogues and menus is ridden with incorrect translations, misused words (ie different meanings) and also some grammar errors. I wish to know if there's a way to change the subtitles and the in-game menu back to english.
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