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  1. Single blade saber w/ loaded Rykk blade in opposite hand. Works well having energy & physical attacks together. Also using single blade weapons are easier to lower the Critical Threat Range. Single saber & most swords can be dropped to 17 CTR easly, adding occasional extra damage.
  2. I have the same problem, but it didn't start happening till the end of the game. From Scion till the Credits all of the conversation/text screens don't show. i have no idea how the game ends because the game goes immediatly to credits & I can't 'go back & read the Journal'. Did the game just end? ..... Did I win?
  3. I had the same problem playing a DS'er in Kotor 1. A lot of the DS options seem so poorly written that even a pompous coniving jerk wouldn't say/act like that. Eventually, just to get DS points, I'd put the clicker on the stupid DS option & close my eyes when I clicked. Just pretend there's a better option & don't look.
  4. Yeah, I know the ending stinks from reading here, but I didn't even get to see the crappy version of the ending. Kreia tells the Exile some glimpses of the future or something, but all of the flash screens w/ NPC conversation from Scion --> Credits are not staying onscreen long enough to read them or even get the gist of it. The screen flashes for a second then I get conversation options that I have no idea what we're talking about (because the NPC side of the conversation isn't showing). Any help on what happened? * c'mon, someone hook me up. I played LS male, LS female Revan. Good in
  5. I just finished the PC version as Lightside Master. From the time I got to Scion all of the movie/conversations only flash on screen for 1 second then presents conversation options. I never saw the conversations tho, they flash onscreen for only 1 second then gone, usually not even long enough to show they captions at the bottom. I'm not clicking any buttons to cancel/hurry the conversations. What happened? I finally get to the end for some MUCH needed answers from the bad guys & suddenly the Ebon Hawk is flying away. Roll credits. Someone that finished Lightside Master & kept good
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