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Planescape: Torment

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Wasn't sure where to ask this, but would anyone at Obsidian happen to have Ye Olde resources for Planescape: Torment? Such as models, textures, render scenes, design documents, or... dare I ask, the source code for the engine? Trying to dig out the individual projectile & spell sequence code in the engine with OllyDbg is like trying to do the samba through a ten-foot high bramble patch with nothin' but yer skivvies on. Sure, I mean, I've *located* the parts of the .exe that parse and process the spell sequences, but ugh - it's just such an enormous hassle and there's no promise of success... and even without hacking, there is only so much DLTCEP can do.

I would consider remaking PS:T in NWN2, but 3D engines (Aurora, and beyond) just do not have the same, marvelous storybook quality that the old Infinity Engine has... and that's something I *sorely* miss in today's rpgs.

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I don't know about the rest, but I'm fairly sure the Infinity Engine was licensed from Bioware back then and as such was and still is the property of Bioware (minus whatever tweaks/changes Black Isle did to it). Which means, any disclosure of engine design/source would likely only happen at Biowares discretion.



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Even if someone still had those, I'd be incredibly surprised if they had the legal right to release any of it. The Infinity Engine alone still belongs to Bioware and now EA.

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