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Are these stats correct?

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Hi, I just visited this DS3 fan site called Lion yawn Inn and there it shows some item stats including those in ToTS. My question is the gold items from ToTS stats shown do not match those I collected in the game. Somehow they're just higher. For example the Gaudy Brooch (trinket acquired from quest that asked you to retrieve St.Hiram's hand) I collected only shows +21 Momentum while the page shows +32 Momentum. I just wonder becuz the non-ToTS items' stats match but the ^ToTS' ones don't. I just want someone to check their stats, see if they match. One more question, does your lvl affect the stats of the loot U collect? If your lvl is low will the items' stats correspond to that lvl?

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The stats on weapons can be static and some are based on the level you are when you retrieve them.  Meaning, if you find something at level 10 vs level 25, they will be much weaker and less balanced.

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