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Suggestion: Rework weapon proficiencies into generalized techniques!

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I like a lot of the weapon proficiencies. The tradeoffs are mostly very fair and desirable.


But it sucks that they're tied exclusively to specific weapon types. For example, the dagger proficiency (+10 deflection, -25% damage) is excellent for tanks, but most tanks don't want to use daggers. Why force this dorky weapon selection on our tanks? Why not let us choose freely which weapon type we want to pair with these great tank stats?


My suggestion is to rework all weapon proficiencies into generalized weapon techniques. Using my example above, I propose changing "Parrying Blade" (=daggers get +10 deflection and -25% damage) to something like "Riposte Technique" (=ANY 1-handed melee weapon gets +10 deflection and -25% damage).


Using this logic, rework the entire system. Let us mix and match our preferred weapon proficiencies with our preferred weapon types. Allow us to stick with our favorite weapons and train to use them exactly as we desire!


Obviously there are limits to how far this mixing and matching business can go. Bow proficiencies can't be applied to melee weapons, and shield proficiencies can't be applied to firearms. Lol. So there still need to be the 6 independent categories of weapons (bow, firearm, 1-handers, 2-handers, magical implements, and shields), each with its own unique list of generalized weapon techniques.


Obsidian, I hope you will take this into consideration! Thanks!


-A fan




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Hmmm, 1-handed melee weapons are diverse enough and you'll have to create subcategories for them - flails, maces and axes aren't good for parrying, I feel.

Riposte Technique sounds more general, but I still have trouble imagining a quick counteratack with a heavy flail. Probably those general techniques will still have to be constrained depending on the weapon in order to not sound unnatural.

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