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Naval Boarding Battles

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Since the game has been released, every time there is a boarding fight from a naval battle, as soon as the fight starts the main character takes a heavy beating from arquebuss, making it pretty much impossible to stay alive.


Is there any way this could get toned down?


I mean, I can stay alive if I build a tank with heavy armor and large shields but thats a pretty narrow gap for building in early game. Its basically impossible to survive all the arquebuss shots that come in all aimed at the main  character. Could you reduce the amount of pirates at lower levels or give them different weapons and/or targets so 1 character doesnt have to take 5-10 shots of arquebuss within the first second of the fight before you can even move, react or even use any abilities?


This is just bad gameplay and its got nothing to do with not playing the game properly.

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