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The Family Pride quest is the perfect example the nonsensical quests in this game (spoilers)

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Mind you, I'm doing my best to stay engaged, but some of this stuff is bugged, lazy, or downright nonsensical.


The biggest example I can give is in the Family Pride quest between the warring families (spoilers ahead):



So I made my way to Hole, after talking to the brother/cousin who plays the lute and gives you information on where to find his sister, who will eventually key you in the opposing family's plans.


Well I get there and have an option where I declare their plans for the heist WHICH I HAVE NO IDEA HOW I KNOW but I try to be clever and eventually slaughter them, take evidence of the plans, and tell the Sister to get lost.


Well anyone with an ounce of brainpower would assume that either the plan was off or some sort of consequence would happen after slaughtering the would be heisters... but no, the family assumes more burglars will come, and they do. Ok, kill them. And we decide to kill the head of the other family. This is where it just gets ridiculous.


So I WALK INTO the house, without a single objection. No dialogue no stealth no nothing. No worries, you just had about 10 conspirators killed by my hands, no need to be alarmed that a random party of pirates is in your house.


I make my way upstairs and interrupt a convo between the father and brother. The dialogue options are straight looney. Without any caution the father ASKS IF I CAN KILL EMPLOYER. Oh yeah, hey random party of people that just appeared. Here's our plan! So I stumble through the dialogue and eventually attack and kill them. But luckily I can just waltz out of the house without any guards stopping me.


So yeah, a completely unbelievable quest that had me both confused, mad, and chuckling.


Sorry for bad grammar/spelling on phone.

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You killed people and guards didn't see and you are complaining they aren't attacking you?


You didn't check the background of either family either.


The quest allows you to support either family, backstab both or have them work together. Oh and be careful what happens if Pallegina is in the party, some of the end result are not to her liking. Also, you killed a quest giver.

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I killed them in the next room. They were right outside with the door open as we fought for five minutes.


I know all that. Doesn't change the fact that quest is super awkward.


Plus the woman gets arrested for the crime not me lol. Apparently its perfect fine to slaughter ppl unless you're the mastermind behind it.

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