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So I'm wondering if i missed something big when picking a beguiler subclass for my cipher(Hierophant build)


Regarding this:

Soul Whip provides less bonus damage and reduced Focus against targets that are not vulnerable to Sneak Attack


What qualifies vulnerable to Sneak Attack? Only when im hidden? And in open combat it doesn't apply meaning I'm getting the disadvantage throughout the fight?

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Here's a link ti the Sneak Attack definition from the wiki (see below). If you attack or use your Deception abilities versus opponents that meet these criteria, you should be ok. The most time efficient way to do this, I think, is to have another character prep battlefield with something that debuffs, like a grenade or another spell, before laying in with your Beguiler because your recovery speed and cast time is going to eat into the duration of whatever is causing the opponent to be affected by Sneak Attack.



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You don't need to be hidden. Its the same as it is for rogues. If you attack a target that is flanked or suffering from an body or mind affliction, you'll get the bonus. I highlighted 'mind' because as a beguiler, its what you do. Deception cypher skills.


So for example, if you eyestrike your target first you get the full bonus.

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