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Request: PoE1 for Nintendo Switch


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yesterday i have seen that PoE2 will be released for Nintendo Switch. I was so happy and cant wait.


Unfortunately i havent played the Prequel PoE1 that much, but on Nintendo Switch i definitely would.


I would like to play PoE on Nintendo Switch from the beginning, so i made this post.


Hopefully you decide to release PoE1 on Switch too.


Thanks in advance and cheers



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I doubt that it would be possible. Moving the game to a different platform is a lot of work. Probably POE 2 was created from the very beginning to work on platforms other than PCs. However, I keep my fingers crossed. I love poe nad buy poe currency
What site is best for buy Path of Exile currency only poe-market ;-)

If you were looking for a list of poe orbs, or information about what is currently the price exalted orb, then I highly recommend it and I think that you will find the right information there.
Among other things, if you want to buy Exalted orbs, the price index and orbs index are on the site. Information on current currency prices such as Chaos Orbs and Exalted orbs.
It is also worth noting that the Path of Exile players call the Path of Exile PoE, or PoE = Path of Exile
O = OF
PoE = Path of Exile.
With this help you can easily look for currency and poe orbs that interest you
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PoE currency large skill injectors eve isk

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