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Untargetable/unhittable (even by AoEs) mob



I'm in Engwithen Waystation Level 2 and found an Imp that is unkillable. It can't be targetted, and when I tried nuking it with AoEs it didn't take any damage. I took a screen shot of me nuking it, but for some reason the shot came out all black. At least I can show you where it is. Note that I am playing the latest Steam Beta as of May 16th 9:40 PM EDT.


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Thank you for taking the time and reporting this issue to us :) We've gone ahead and entered it into our data-base.



Thanks. I should have mentioned that I reloaded the level later and that fixed the problem, however this isn't an option for those poor souls playing Ironman.


Also, to clarify, when I say it didn't take any damage, I mean that it didn't have any effect at all. Nothing showed in the combat log. Also there is no circle under it under and circumstances.

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