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Quoting the mod's author:


The global setting can be changed from the Unity Console window with the following commands:

import Game
Game.GameState.Instance.LevelScaleUpOnly = False
Game.GameState.Instance.LevelScaleUpOnly = True
Game.GameState.Instance.LevelScaling = Game.GameData.LevelScalingOption.CritPath
Game.GameState.Instance.LevelScaling = Game.GameData.LevelScalingOption.All
Game.GameState.Instance.LevelScaling = Game.GameData.LevelScalingOption.None


Fair warning, most mobs won't scale more than 2 levels, 4 at max. So even with scaling set to 'all' you will outlevel enemies.


Another measure is to reduce the impact of level scaling, thus reducing the advantage the player gets against underleveled encounters. You can do this by opening the folder:


Pillars of Eternity II\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\exported\design\gamedata


Then open global.gamedatabundle with Notepad++ and change:


"AccuracyPerLevel":3 to "AccuracyPerLevel":1

"DefensePerLevel":3 to "DefensePerLevel":1


This means that on PotD the enemies will retain the stat advantage for longer. However it will also make higher level content slightly easier. This is the best I could find (from another thread here on the forums), until the devs release their own difficulty and balance adjustments.

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