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Hello everyone, 

I see in various posts people wondering about how to build a gunslinger rogue, and I wanted to share my little experimentation. Rather than answering several times, I figure I'd create my own topic

You can make a case for blackjacket/rogue with 4 guns sets and zero recovery being the most op build due to insane alpha strike and strong self buffs and passives while retaining most of the sneak attack potential. But if like me from a roleplay perspective you feel uneasy carrying 8 guns or multiclassing, here is my suggestion.


After playing around, I think single class rogues can be very, very good gunners.


Dual wield vs single handed:

With another class, you could make a case for single wield Scordeo's Trophy (no offhand) with gun modal on. This will build up insane shooting speed thanks to the upgraded Scordeo passive. For the record, this is the setup I use with Maia for quasi perma-interrupt (thanks to the gunhawk passive). The accuracy bonus from single wielding compensates for the penalty from the modal.


But with a rogue and their numerous full attacks, it would be a shame not to dual wield. Here is what I just tested with great success:

Dual wield pistols, have other party members apply afflictions for sneak attack/deathblows, and ideally a Per buff to your gunner. Set AI on Guile>5 Gambit, target ennemy, priority lowest deflection. When you miss a few gambit refunds and your Guile gets below 6, use empower to replenish.

Watch your gunslinger tear through the ennemy ranks.

With optimized Per and decent rng on gambits, you can easily use it 8+ times, doing stratospheric crit damage, and possibly even outclassing the black jacket alpha strike if your recovery is low enough (you spend only one reload time between gambits).


Gambit comes at lvl 16, so before that just use crippling strike for more full attacks. If you don't have enough sneak attack enablers in your party for some reason, you can use one eliminating blow for some aoe shaken, then move to crippling strike.


I also just tested this while wearing the two special blunderbusses, Hand Cannon and Fire in the Hole (the blunderbusses that don't do pellets but aoe, I wouldn't recommend it with standard blunderbusses, I think only the first pellet determines the hit>crit from gambit). It creates a gory mess and is really efficient. And my character wasn't even optimised for this (average per, low dex and might).


This trully had a rogue gunslinger feeling, and I wasn't taken out of the action by swapping guns 3 times. I would highly recommend this playstyle. Having Scordeo and Thundercrack in one set for single strong ennemies, Hand Cannon and Fire in the Hole in the other for packs. If you want to use blundebuss modal for even more explosive mess, wear Defiant Apparel hat.

It was a blast ! (pun intended)

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