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Sure, a soulblade spends around the same time auto attacking, but thanks to the cipher passives it doesn't feel like wasted effort. The Berath's Blessing vendor has a great gloves for an evoker, so I'll probably give a battlemage or an arcane knight another chance, but on my previous tries it always felt more like a simple fighter with wizard buffs. That makes it a great tank, but I missed the satisfying burst damage of the soulblade. The cipher abilities just look more appealing for a hybrid melee character.


I love that while Mind Blades looks like a weak spell it can jump back and forth on the same targets if used right, that I can use Recall Agony on a tough boss to make it drop like nothing, that I can use Body Attunement to weaken the enemy and reinforce my own character at the same time or simply that I can use Pain Link or Pain Block to save my companions.


The wizard has some great spells, but I prefer to give the debuffing aoes to a dedicated wizard like Aloth, so I can deal damage however I want with my main character. I love the Minoletta's spell line or pretty much every single spell in the evocation category. The only thing I don't like in the cipher is that it could use better ability effects. Priests, druids and wizards are way ahead when it comes to showing off their magic. :)

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