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[Q] Blow The Man Down - Save & Animal companion issues

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So, I'm in the middle of  Blow the Man Down quest and when I opened a cell with Lamon'd crew right after sneaking there among half dozen of guards with my main character only, the game teleported my animal companion to me. Great, I love my beast, I really do! But just imagine problems I will have to sneak with it too.  :banghead: 

It's even better,  now I see. When you load a savegame from the "arrest", guards are in the position from before loading the game - not from the time I did save the game.. Blowing up barrels or saving the game with animal companion detected blows up all my sneaking efforts...


Great. Amazing! <3

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Hello all!


Thanks for you post, we'll get this bugged and looked into if it is not already.





I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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There seem to be a bunch of bugs with this quest. I found Lamond and decided to go along with his plan of luring out Benweth by stealing his ship. I got to the underground dock, killed everyone, and then went up to the western rampart and rang the bell 3 times like he said to. Nothing happened, so I went back down to the underground docks and the ship was indeed gone...but I had no idea what to do next. My journal hasn't updated since I first heard Lamond's plan. Lamond and his crew are gone from the forge area, but Benweth is still in the command area and hasn't reacted.


Hope they fix it next patch!


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The whole area seems.. quite unpolished (like huge fps drop on the ground level, like barrels set with no sense, like save issue etc etc etc).

When I was doing the quest once again (since my animal companion screwed with guards and loaded the game with companion already detected) I noticed that the companion started running to me when sailors were leaving their cell. It's not teleported dirwctly like I previously though.

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