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Fanatic Carnage / Saru-Sichr / Marofeto Liano Bugs


Hi, Thought I'd just sweep all the bugs I found into one post. Since I'm sort of far into the game, the save files are >1 MB so you'll have to use this dropbox link - https://www.dropbox.com/s/056f9v4z8vxk44g/Deadfire%20Bugs%20%28Pop%29.zip?dl=0. Also, the save files don't retain the names you give them in-game (though they do list location), so I'm not 100% sure these are the saves you need. If not, let me know.


There are three big things and one little thing:


1. Took me awhile to notice, but I've a multiclassed Barbarian / Paladin (specifically Corpse Eater / Bleak Walker) and Carnage does not seem to be firing when I attack with a melee weapon (in this case a fine-rated Warhammer or a morning star). It never has, far as I can tell.


2. The unique morning star Saru-Sichr is meant to deal DOT corrode, but if the info panel is listing correctly, it currently deals 0.0 corrode damage over 0.0 seconds. The "Paralytic" upgrade likewise adds a 0% chance to paralyze. Useful!


3. Marofeto Liano, an NPC at the Yasuka docks, can do two things: Train the PC in Intimidate / Insight, and be persuaded or forced to give up his amulet, Claim and Refusal. If you intimidate him into giving up his amulet before asking him for training, he'll refuse to train you. This seems correct. If you persuade him to give the amulet up before asking him for training, he'll still offer the training. You, however, cannot accept that training even if you have the cash on hand for it. This does not seem correct.


4. There's a typo in Liano's dialogue, he's described as having "bare fear". The question must be asked: Does he have bare feet, or bear fear? The answer is between you and your god.


Send my compliments whoever touched up the ML photo, by the way. I dislike it being implied that I need to comb my hair but I'm not one to complain.


Let me know if you need any other info / files from me!

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Greetings Pop,


Is this issue still occurring on 1.1? Please let me know as I believe this issue should be resolved.





I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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