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Increased health stat after area transition



Hi all,

Running beta patch 73, I have noticed that the health of the chars in the party increases after an area transition.


For example Xoti's health goes from 67 to 77 after moving from Gorecci Street to Satahuzi.

After the npc suffers some damage, health (both max and current) goes back to the normal value (which btw is still off by a couple of points when looking at the calculations).


No idea if this issue is specific to the beta as I could not try on the "stable" release.


Attached a couple of save files:


Genserik (1723a3ae-5768-4edb-a56e-c3491eec1336) quicksave.savegame - Correct health value while in Gorecci Street

Genserik (Satahuzi) (1723a3ae-5768-4edb-a56e-c3491eec1336) (754806806).savegame - Incorrect health value after transitioning to Satahuzi




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Now Eder's health is permanently increased, with a calculated health of 107 but an effective one of 122, as shown here https://imgur.com/a/OPcCnnt


He had equipped for a while (not anymore) an amulet of health which gives + 15 max health, which is in fact 122 - 107


Considering that Eder had a bunch of stat stacking issues in Poe 1, maybe this is just one of his perks...


A new save file is attached 





I re-trained Eder and noticed that something is stacking on each level up.

At level one the difference between calculated HP and real HP is 0.4.

At level 5 the difference has grown up to 15. (see images)


I may be wrong but it looks like that the math for the health pool shown in the details is calculated with the formula (base*con)+level+talent:




While the formula used to get the actual health is ((base+level)*con)+talent:



Which one is the intended formula to calculate HP?


Btw, this looks like a separate issue than the one reported in my first post, where current HP goes above max HP after an area transition (which could be related to the POTD bonus on map reported in another topic)


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