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[Huana Faction Plotstopper Bug] Killing the Queen does not fail "The Last Sanctuary", but the prince goes missing and quest cannot be turned in

Homer Morisson


Title pretty much says it all... I freed the dragon during the Watershaper questline, the Queen didn't like it and publically insulted me, so I publically killed her, as befits her crime of insulting Death's Herald.


Anyhow, killing the Queen apparently triggered the Prince going into exile or somesuch thing, but it didn't auto-fail the "The Last Sanctuary" quest, which I completed after killing the Queen and which now tells me to turn it in at the Palace, since that's where I would find the Prince.


I've checked (and thus was forced to kill all guards at the palace, since they attacked me even though it was all in the past, and after slaughtering every single hostile, I can safely say that the Prince was nowhere around.


I also checked the Watershaper Guild, as some NPC banter said the Prince were meeting with them to avenge the death of his sister, but he wasn't there either -- so this has effectly stopped the plot for the princly questline completely, but even if that was intentional as a result for killing the Queen, then this should have auto-failed the quest.

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Hi, Homer Morisson. Do you happen to have a save game and any log files you can attach to this issue and forward along to us? That would help us narrow this issue down more quickly. Thank you very much for letting us know about it.


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