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[Audio] This specific ambient sound effect - just me?



Hi guys, amazing work on this game and really loving it.


One small caveat I've noticed (or rather am unable to unnotice) is the following ambient sound effect:



At first I feared it was my computer running a bad fan but thankfully that wasn't the case.

I also tried lowering the music but it appears to be a sound effect.


In case you really can't hear it, it sounds like a fan dying or perhaps even an alarm going off far away.

Maybe when recording, an alarm actually did sound in the background?


It appears to be trying to mimic a bird and that's obviously OK, but that sound is CONSTANTLY repeating itself.

I have to admit, I have turned down sound effects when I'm in an area that contains it.

Maybe my ears are going bad ;(?


Feel free to ignore it and instead take it as a kind request to look into separating Ambient and "normal" sound effects (swinging swords etc) in future games.


Also if you're reading this and agree, feel free to join in :cat:

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