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Is it possible to use save files to have more than one created character?

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I have been playing game since it went live, and having great time. But wondering how a different character / class would be. Don't want to lose the progress I've made so far, and doubt I will want to play the entire game through again.


So, can I just select "New Game" and start over, and switch back and forth between characters by selecting the correct save file?  Would at some point probably pick one to continue to the end.


If not, any other suggestions?

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Making a new character does not delete you old one. Make as many as you wish.


Ok, that is what I wanted to know.


Do I just select new game at program start? And then in the future switch between by selecting the corresponding save file?

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Just by loading the game. If you look at the loading screen, saves will be in a "folder" with your current character's name on it. When you create a new character a new folder will be created. No way to override old saves. Was the same case in PoE1. Now thinking on it - really good design, devs.

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