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For the Active and Passive skills, does anyone know if they have a solid cap on them?  I know in Pillars 1 you could effectively level them to your hearts content but eventually you'd hit a soft cap with diminishing returns.


Since the cap is 20 we ought to have about 19 points each for investment into Active and Passive skills, or am I mistaken?

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I'm curious as to this.


In the first game you could just pump skills as much as you wanted. Technically you could raise a skill until the base value was 100, at which point the cost to raise it again showed as -4590 (or something like that) and trying to put another point in reset it to 1.


What? I was curious. :p


I haven't actually played the second game yet (waiting for the first round of patches). But I'd like to know just how the new skill system works.

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