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Missing money bug report




When going about my business in Deadfire, I noticed that sometimes I was losing money for no apparent reason. At first it was "I swear I had more money than that. Gasp maybe I got pick pocketed" then as it happened again and again I was sure it was a bug. I finally managed to isolate an instance of it happening. I took the screenshot starting with "first" when I first noticed I had lost money. I reloaded a recent save, went through the exact same game events I had before, and then took the screenshot starting with "second". The money loss seemed to have happened in between scenes during a load screen.


Steps to Reproduce the Issue:

I'm not sure how to reproduce the bug other than playing the game.


Important Files:

I've attached the screenshots. The save games and logs can be found at the following Dropbox link.




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Heya joegurnain,


Sorry you're experiencing this issue =(


I've added this to our database, and we're going to investigate it on our end to see if we can find a way to reproduce it reliably.


Thanks for the post!

I try my very best.

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