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Finally got Fassina, but she's too eager after area transitions!



This is an odd bug, indeed.


I've recruited most sidekicks and companions in the game, but she suffers from a weird bug.


Whenever I use an area transition, she alone keeps moving when we arrive at the waypoint in the destination area.

Instead of stopping at the mark assigned by the party formation, she literally just keeps walking, straight forward, even beyond screen, unless I single her out and then click in any other direction.


Perhaps something is wrong with her AI movement script. I've already tried changing party formation, and her place within, and also shutting her AI down - nothing helps.


Moreover, this bug persists in the entire Periki's Outlook map, but it seems to more or less disappear when I moved to a new map, in this case, Queen's Berth.


EDIT: I have been two more Neketaka areas now, and the bug seems to be gone, thankfully. However, I did a save, left the game entirely, and then restarted, and since then I haven't seen the bug. Fassina began to behave this way as soon as I left her place (I left via her bedroom window).

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