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The Shadow Under Neketaka - Can't Proceed




During the quest "The Shadow Under Neketaka", in the final confrontation, there are warding stones that you can interact with as part of the setpiece.

After being unable to modify the enchantment with Metaphysics, I chose to strengthen the wards instead, triggering a fight.


After the fight, the dragon is subdued and your character says "I'll take another look at the wards." However, during the fight, the wards provide a shield against the water tentacles the dragon summons, and after taking damage all the wardstones explode.


As a result, I am unable to progress in the game, since I cannot resolve the dragon's situation and leaving the guild results in a bad end to the quest.

Steps to Reproduce:
* Strengthen the wards twice, triggering the fight
* During the fight, hide under the protection of the wards, causing them to be destroyed

* Afterwards, push 'show interactions' hotkey, demonstrating that there are no wardstones left to use

Output Log:
Restarted the game before I read this bug support guide



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Encountering the same issue, even after managing to defeat the dragon faster than the water whips could kill the wards. Attempting to strengthen the wards again results in the Dragon turning hostile AGAIN restarting the fight then the water whips destroy the wards.

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Hello, both of you, and I am sorry you're experiencing this issue. The good news is there should be a fix in place for this issue in the beta we released yesterday. Please download it and it should allow you to proceed properly while handling the watershapers' "guest" the way you've selected to.


Here are instructions on how to download the latest beta version:





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