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minor issues and preferences



Chanter Passive tool tips in the ability tree do not have a blurb saying what they are.  You have to right click for details.

    It shows the phrase name, but not a short version of what it does.

I would like the walking around to have a "camera follows" checkbox so I can turn that off.  I prefer to move around with the keys.

    You can turn off camera follow when boating, but not when walking.

Quest difficulty indicators are not displaying.
    I have difficulty level scaling set to All (in case that's the reason).

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Heya isopropanol,


Thanks for the post!

  1. The chanter phrase issue is known internally and is in our database. Sorry you have to experience it.
  2. This functionality already exists! You can toggle off camera follow by pushing the hotkey it's assigned to. I believe the default is "." =)
  3. This is indeed the reason. Unfortunately, the way the skull system functions is not compatible with our level scaling system, so it only works when level scaling is disabled.

Hope that helps!

I try my very best.

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