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Computer restarts during intro scene



When I start the game everything is nice and fine until I'm in the place between stuff in the opening walking along with other souls hearing and seeing history.


Then the game shuts down my computer as if the plug was pulled. Exactly like the bug in Pillars 1, actually, that was never resolved so I never got to finish that game. (Link to the 2015 bug: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72006-shuts-down-computer/ )


Since Pillars is the only game that has done this to my computer during 4 years of active gaming I firmly believe this is a bug in Pillars that should be addressed and fixed this time...


Attaching the output and dxdiag files since the game never gets to make a save and there is no way to screenshoot a rebooting computer.


Hoping Obsidian can find the bug and fix it this time. With some luck I might even get to play the missing parts of Pillars 1.



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Heya gulla,


Sorry you're going through this. We're going to investigate your issue to the best of our ability and make sure it's in our database.


Hopefully we can get a solution for ya =)

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I try my very best.

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