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Image quality



I didn't spend that much time with the game yet, but one of the very first things I noticed was this slight blurr in the overall image. Graphics are great, but it looks like someone took the screen and went over it with the blurr tool in Photoshop.


I have a super crisp image in POE1 3.06, but 3.07 made the image blurry and Deadfire suffers from the same issue. Something in the renderer, I think.


Is there some way for me to get the crisp image back? (I don't have any graphical 'enhancements' running via driver or shader injector etc.)

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Hi Cdiaz,


thanks for the response. I managed to slightly improve the image by fiddling around a bit, but it still feels blurry - especially in direct comparison with PoE1. I finished my last PoE1 run on the release day of PoE2 and more or less went straight over to the sequel, so that's why the difference popped immediately.


Maybe it's because of the lighting and other additional effects overlaying the 2D image - I don't know. I made two screenshots to show what I mean: Look at the grass for a good example...



PoE1 (3.06):







I also attached the files you asked for. Would be nice if you can check if there is anything wrong on my end or if the graphics look as they should, because of the new engine and stuff...





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