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Dual monitor, windowed mode and the game completely messed up



I saw a somewhat similar tread already. I Tried it, didn't worked for me. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/97404-borderless-windowed-mode/

The game doesn't go into borderless. More so I can't alt tab or use the windows tkey to get out of the game. Sometimes it just decides to takes 1 screen and half of the second monitor too (sometimes the game is properly set on the first monitor but the second monitor is either half black screen hal desktop or worse).

When I can use alt tab for exemple, and it works, the game is put on background but I still see the game, not the desktop. Can't click anywhere on the screen since it seems to consider the game open.

I should mention that I had the issue where the game would open in 4k and would 70% of the time spread to take 15 to 80% of my second monitor. Had to changed my first monitor native resolution to 4k just to be able to see the main menu and not the top left corner only, so i could change the resolution of the game and then go back to my monitor resolution.


Ideas ?

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