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(LORE QUESTION) Krea's "Ripples in the force"

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Krea often talks about ripples in the force, how small cruelties can have massive consequences. But After completing the game once, (pure dark side) I still don't know what this means. Is this good, bad, or can it be both? I never had her tell me that something that creates ripples will come back to bite me, so am I just really lucky? Also, some acts of cruelty, mainly murder, seem to make her upset. What is the line between useful cruelty and unnecessary cruelty? Also, SPOILERS, does she always betray you at dantooine? It seemed like it was just part of the story, but she also blamed it on me killing the Jedi masters. Man, that hurt my feelings...

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She is kind of messing with you, because both evil and good is bad in her eyes, there is no such thing as useful cruelty or useful helpfulness, she is actually not even trying to help you and teach you but she wants to use you.


And yes she will always betray you


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