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What are some good strategies to do a play without a priest?


I just find them really boring because the only good thing you can do with them is keep dropping supporting spells with the occasional dps and debuff.  Or maybe that's just Durance and there's some more versatile builds for priests?


I find chanters, druids, and paladins a lot more interesting, versatile, and fun to play.  


All I can think of off-hand to help make up the difference are scrolls of valor, potions of merciless gaze, beloved spirits for the chanter and moonwell from the druids, nature's mark druid debuff, rings of unshackling, and to use the paladin and chanter in a way more focused towards party buffs.  


If it means anything the highest difficulty I've played is hard.  

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Quick thoughts:


General Suggestions:

1) Give everyone Lore 6+ (can buff, heal, etc.)

2) Giver everyone Veteran's Recovery (passive healing mitigates need for active healing)

3) Shields mitigate need for active healing



Party Recommendation (no repeat classes):

1) Paladin

2) Chanter

3) Fighter or Barb 

4) Druid

5) Cipher

6) Wiz


Low micro option (repeating classes)

1) Paladin

2) Chanter

3) Paladin

4) Chanter

5) Paldin

6) Chanter


If you wanted a Priest (to be less priest-like), build a Two-Hand Sword wielder, focused on self-buffing.

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That actually sounds like it could be pretty fun!  Especially the first setup since I actually like a bit of micro.  3 casters is perfect for me.  Or 2 casters and a micro heavy melee (rogue, monk, certain glass canon builds).


There's a zillion great one handers available and tidefall allows for it's own great healing especially when paired with healing 2-3 camping bonus and a healing bonus item.  And it might actually be good to have support spread out over multiple characters so I can get more support off at once and I don't have to worry so much about keeping the priest alive.  And minus a priest means plus CC and/or DPS.  


I've never had a cipher in my party.  The only class I haven't done yet so that'll add a little novelty for me.  

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Best non-priest AoE buffs :




-Druid's Form of the Delegan and Moonwell (be sure to pick one as Druid 4th level Mastery, preferably Form cause it's quick to cast).

Level 7 Nature's bounty is ok too. Its attributes buff does not stack with priest spells so this spell is actually better if you don't have one.


-Paladin auras (and multiclass talent) and a couple other abilities such as shielding flames


-Most chanter party buff are meh except Fire Lash chant


-Cipher's Mindweb


-Outworn buckler/Little savior auras


I would pick at least 1 druid and 1 paladin. I would make sure to have 1 char with 12 lore (for scroll against mind control) and a couple other with 6-8 (for scroll of courage and defense). The rest is not essential.

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