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Wizard: Illusionist

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So, I sort of have egg on my face, but unfortunately noticed some other things annoying about the effect, one of which I am sure is a bug.


In line with SaruNi's question about interrupts, I ran out and did some testing. Attacking some of the poor villagers after character creation (they're monks, fyi), as well as boarding a pirate ship and running head first into his death on my illusionist, repeatedly.


Rather embarrassingly, I noticed displaced image and mirror image were stacking. I'm not sure if I was imaging things in my earlier test or missing some debuffs dropping my deflection.

(the subclass based ability is labeled "Reflective mirror" or something similar, and is a purple icon instead of the blue face). 



Do you mean mirror image was stacking with Llengrath's displaced image, or reflexive mirror was stacking with Llengrath's displaced image? 


If reflexive mirror counts as a passive and therefore stacks with Llengrath's Displaced Image for +55 deflection that's pretty nice (better than Conjurer or Rogue's +50 deflection). Though it seems like it could be unintended....


If you actually did mean regular mirror image and Llengrath's displaced image deflection bonuses were stacking... that would probably be a bug.


The reflexive image / mirror image interaction you describe definitely seems bugged, you should post it in the bug reports forum.

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