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Durgan's Battery Inaccessible Ledge

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Just to west of where you find the Stormcaller bow piece in Durgan's Battery, there is a ledge.  It even highlights blue, if you hold Tab key (see attached picture).  I know that you can get "roof access" from the stairs in the Great Hall, where you get minor items but still cannot access this ledge.  The OCD in me is killing me, how do I get to this ledge?  Note that I am in WM1, so please let me know if it is something for WM2... Thanks everyone!



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It only works from the other side (jumping onto the Stormcaller tower from Durgan's Battery) - not the other way round.

Weird.  I already got the stormcaller bow by going through the door at the bottom of battery watch tower... but I have no idea of how to get to that ledge.  How do you?

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Have you been into Durgan's Battery yet? There's a staircase right left of the entry hall. If you go up there you can get to the ledge and jump over to the tower where the bow was. 


I guess it's just meant as a shortcut if you want to leave the Battery  - so you don't have to use the staircase again (load Durgans Battery inside map) then go out of the Battery (load outside map) - that would be rather tedious because of the enormous loading times - but instead you can just jump across, climb down and leave the outside map.


If you could jump to the Battery from the tower it would make the whole cantec-thing and the riddle how to enter the Battery quite pointless.

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